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Welcome back to Term 4! The final term of a school year is always exciting and more than a little busy, particularly so for our Year 12's who enter into their last phase of school based learning. For each student the core purpose is to finish the year positively and to maximise their learning outcomes to provide a springboard for success; for the Year 12's this means transitioning to post-school life and I am confident that this cohort has done the work to be successful in this transition.

Celebrations of success

There are a number of special events coming up that will be important occasions for students and families. In week 3 (Wednesday, 21 October) we have our Awards Night which is a great opportunity to celebrate the great academic work produced by so many students. The Year 11 Leadership camp will begin on the 1 November, our Junior Certificate of Education presentation is scheduled for the 30 November and the ceremony for our graduating Year 12's is on the 27 November. I look forward with great pleasure to being involved with these events and enjoying the opportunity to formally acknowledge the excellent outcomes that have been achieved.


What an amazing evening! Our students were an absolute credit to themselves and their families and many beautiful photos were taken, quite a few ending up on the school Facebook page. There were hundreds of views for the posts and many lovely comments. The themes of my speech revolved around resilience and "having a go" and I look forward with confidence to hearing about the exciting journeys that are undertaken as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Melbourne Cup Day – school day finishing early (12.00pm 3 November)

After consultation with staff and parents (P&C) I have made the decision to finish school early for Melbourne Cup Day. The time lost on this day was made up in Term 1 through the timetable arrangements that were then in place. Charleville SS, Charleville SDE and Augathella SS will join us in closing school at 12.00pm on Tuesday, November 3 to facilitate engagement with this important community event.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Our continued focus on providing a positive learning environment is providing ongoing improvements in behaviour. One key element of this is for students to understand that behavioural choices have logical consequences and we actively work with students on this through our PPP lessons as well as each fortnight on whole school assemblies.

Each student is encouraged to know where they sit on the PBL triangle (Green, Yellow or Red), why they are in this particular zone and how they maintain or improve if they are in the Yellow or Red zone. Over 80% of our students were identified as being in the Green zone for Term 3, meaning that they had no more than one significant behaviour concern for the term. This is a fantastic result and a credit to the effort so many of our students are making alongside the work done every day by the staff. Our target for Term 4 is to exceed 85% of students in the Green zone and your support is vitally important to helping our students understand that we are all working together to achieve this goal.

New Student Free Days added to Term 4, 2020

As you are probably aware there has been a change to the end of school year date. The addition of 2 Student Free Days at the end of the school year now mean the final date for school attendance for Year 7, 8 and 9 students is Wednesday, December 2.

In closing

As we finish the school year it remains incredibly important to have our students at school every day they possibly can. Our target remains 89% for attendance and currently we are running at approximately 86%. Your assistance in getting our young people to school, ready for learning, is so important and valuable.

So much to look forward to and to enjoy and celebrate from Term 3. I am currently reviewing the academic results from last term and will give an update in the next newsletter. 

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Last reviewed 16 October 2020
Last updated 16 October 2020