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School Review

Recently the School Review Team partnered with staff, students and community to undertake a school review at Charleville State High School.

The infographic below provides a visual summary of our review hi-lights and findings. The executive summary will be uploaded to our school website.

In the coming weeks, my supervisor will partner with myself to unpack the review report and commence conversations regarding a planned approach to responding to the review findings and improvement strategies. The report is designed to inform our school's strategic direction and next steps for improvement.

Community and staff will be asked for input as we implement the review findings and improvement strategies in 2024.

​Away for the Day

From the beginning of 2024, all Queensland state school students will have their mobile phones switched off and 'away for the day'.

'Away for the day' will support our school to maintain a strong focus on educational achievement, and student wellbeing and engagement by:

  • providing optimal learning and teaching environments
  • encouraging increased face-to-face social interactions between students
  • promoting the health and wellbeing of students through increased physical activity at break times
  • reducing the potential for students to be exposed to the negative impacts of the digital world, resulting from unsafe or inappropriate technology use.

​At Charleville SHS all students will receive a Yondr lockable phone pouch that stores the mobile phone on the first day of the school year in 2024.

Every student will secure their phone in a personally assigned Yondr pouch when they arrive at school each morning. They will maintain possession of their phones, and will not use them until they are unlocked at the end of the school day. Students are required to bring their Yondr pouch to and from school each day and are responsible for their pouch at all times.

More information will be emailed to all families in the coming week which will unpack the school expectations and processes.

Enrolments 2024

We have been enrolling students for 2024 to ensure all students can start school on Monday 22nd of January. If you have a student requiring an enrolment interview, please contact the school administration team on 4656 8888 to make an enrolment appointment.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the magnificent businesses who have supported our school this year. Whether it has been done through work experience, Traineeships, apprenticeships or donations to our events. Charleville truly has a supportive business hub partnering in delivering a stronger education for all our students.

I have really appreciated the support of our P&C this year particularly the executive who put their hands up in a time of need. The fundraising and conversations have contributed to our school improvement journey. Thank you.

To all students, families and staff, have a great break and I look forward to working together next year.​


​Craig Law

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Last reviewed 21 November 2023
Last updated 21 November 2023