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Week four starts to bring us to the middle of the term already with some subjects starting assessment tasks.  To maximise success, I encourage all students to attend school regularly unless sick.  It is important that students arrive to class on time, with all of their learning materials and ensure they stay in the classroom until the end of the lesson. 

I have enjoyed visiting classrooms over the past few weeks.  Last week I was privileged to be in classrooms and talk with students about what they were learning.  It was quite evident the broad range of curriculum opportunities that students have to participate in here at Charleville SHS.  Our senior Hospitality students were starting their assessment task in which they were looking at recreating fast food options; the senior Biology class were in final stages of their assessment looking at a range of topics around genetics; a number of our junior classes were using algebra to formulate equations from graphs in Maths and in Humanities looking at ways to improve things in Charleville.  One Science class was in the process of building their powered vehicles and a HPE class was looking at the cultural impacts on sport.  It was very pleasing that the majority of students could confidently talk about their assessment and what they were learning.  

It has also been fantastic to see the number of students participating in the athletic carnival pre-events last week and this week.  I'm very much looking forward to the Athletics carnival on Friday this week.  It has also been encouraging to see the number of students supporting from the sidelines when not competing themselves.

Parent teacher interviews have been rescheduled to tonight, starting at 3.30.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet as many parents as I can.

Last Wednesday I attended my first P&C meeting since joining Charleville State High School.  I was impressed by the number of parents and staff in attendance and look forward to working as part of this important group of people to help support the school moving forward.  I would also like to encourage any new people to attend the meetings.  The next P&C meeting will be on Wednesday August 10, commencing at 5.00pm at the school administration. 

You would have received an email in regard to the school opinion survey.  The school opinion survey provides you with an opportunity to have your say on a number of aspects of the school.  I would encourage as many of you as possible to complete this before the closing date of Friday August 12. 

On Monday we had a guest speaker Michael Jeh speak with our students from years 7 to 12 on a range of issues facing young people today.  Michael addresses a range of topics when speaking with young people that include risk taking behaviour, vaping, bullying, bystander behaviour and racism.  Guest speakers like Michael provide an opportunity to continue conversations with students around these important topics, both at school and at home.

In closing I would encourage everyone in the school community to promote regular attendance at school.  Whilst I acknowledge that winter brings with it a number of health concerns it is important that student attend when they are feeling healthy and well.  

I would like to wish all students the best with their upcoming assessments and am sure the hard work put in during the start of the term will pay off.

Daniel Norris​


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Last reviewed 03 August 2022
Last updated 03 August 2022