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​​Welcome to the final newsletter for Charleville SHS for 2021! The year has flown past and there have been many aspects to celebrate from the school year as well as a number of things to continue to focus on improving.

As a school we have continued to improve the quality of the learning environment through a committed focus on student engagement and behaviour, resulting in significant decreases in measurable data such as behaviour incidents (Major and Minor) to now be at their lowest level for the last four years (since 2018). School Disciplinary Absences are also significantly lower and are at the lowest level across the tracking period (since 2016). Positive behaviour records are also trending upwards, notably so across the last three years, and these are also at the high point across this period.

Achievement outcomes also continue to improve across a variety of subjects. Our Year 12's are well and truly on track to achieve excellent results; current prediction is for 100% Queensland Certificate of Education to be achieved along with strong reporting results indicated through nearly 81% of subjects achieving Tier 2 (80%+) or Tier 3 (85%+) results for the percentage of students achieving an A, B or C result. This included 62% of subjects achieving a 100% pass rate for students, a fantastic result!

In general, we continue to do well in Mathematics and Science in Junior Secondary and maintaining steady improvement in English. For Science we are on par with Region and working towards State, in Mathematics students in Year 7-10 are above both State and Region for A-C% results, an awesome outcome!

These outcomes are a testament to the work undertaken by the school community and the buy in from students. It includes opportunities for staff, student and parent feedback through meetings and surveys and is making a positive contribution to the learning outcomes for students.

There is no doubt there is also still work to be done in both learning environment and student engagement, particularly regarding attendance and through these ensuring we continue to improve student learning outcomes. Please continue to provide parental voice through organisations such as the P&C and ATSI Community Partnerships as well as the School Opinion Survey to help us on this journey.

Year 12 Formal and Graduation

A huge week 7 saw a variety of events take place, including our Formal and Graduation ceremony. They were both wonderful occasions and a sincere vote of thanks are well deserved to Ms Rachel Dwyer for her tireless work in organising the Formal and to Ms Stefanie Andriolo for putting together a memorable Graduation Ceremony. There is also a team of people behind the scenes for events such as these, my thanks to all who contributed, your support is so greatly appreciated.

We had a memorable night at the Formal, enjoying the glamour of the student's outfits and arrivals, a beautifully prepared venue and lovely dinner. The Graduation Ceremony was also memorable, it is the time when the reality of finishing school truly kicks in and there were many emotions on display as these moments unfolded.

It is an honour to attend these events and watch the joy and relief on the faces of both students and parents. School can be a long and sometimes challenging journey however the outcomes achieved by these young people are certainly a validation of the worth of all this effort. Congratulations again to the class of 2021, we will miss you and I have the greatest confidence that you will transition confidently into post-school life.

​Reporting for Semester 2

Report cards for Semester 2 will be emailed home this week for Year 10 and 11 students. Report cards for the remainder of Junior Secondary students will be emailed home at the end of week 9 (final week of the year) on the 3rd of December. Families that do not have an email address have been noted and a hard copy of the report card will be sent by post.

2022 Break times

After consultation with staff, parents (P&C, ATSI Community Partnerships, newsletters, Facebook) and students the decision has been made to adjust the timetable for 2022 to encompass two breaks in the school day. There is no change to the start and finish times of school and there is no reduction in the time that students have in class or the actual amount of time for breaks. The new schedule will be:

  • Period 1   8.50am to 10.00am
  • Form        10.00am to 10.10am
  • Period 2   10.15am to 11.25am (includes 5-minute transition from Form)
  • Break 1    11.25am to 12.00pm
  • Period 3    12.00pm to 1.10pm
  • Break 2     1.10pm to 1.45pm
  • Period 4    1.45pm to 2.55pm

Thanks to all who provided feedback during this process, much appreciated. We will be monitoring this change for 2022 and will report back through the P&C and newsletter to keep parents informed of any impacts.

School Closure for Summer Holiday Period

The final day for the school office to be open is Friday the 3rd of December. School will remain closed for the Christmas vacation until Wednesday the 19th of January. For any urgent enquiries during the vacation period please contact the school via my email address,

In Conclusion

As we complete the final days of the school year for 2021, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the efforts of my staff, the students, broader school community and of course our parents and caregivers. Together we have continued to value add to our student's learning and wellbeing, celebrated successes and identified areas for continued improvement.

Across the last two years I have seen significant growth in the capacity of the school to provide targeted, supportive learning for our children and enjoyed the continuation of the strong relationships that exist between staff, students and parents that is the hallmark of our school community. These were on full display in the interactions that occurred for our Year 12's across the last week, an absolute highlight of our school culture.

To all of you I wish a very safe, joyous and prosperous Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming everyone back to school for 2022.

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Last reviewed 24 November 2021
Last updated 24 November 2021