The Principal's Pen


Week 6 has brought the long-awaited return to learning at school for all year levels and we are all very relieved, excited and a little "interested" to see how students settle back in after the extended period away from school. We have been busily preparing for this and the key messages from all school staff will be a warm welcome back to students and re-focusing on the educational relationships so essential to student learning outcomes. There will also be a clear focus on ensuring the children are aware of the school and class expectations to enable a productive learning environment for all students and staff.

The first day back was highly successful with students receiving updated timetables and then quickly getting organised for the day's learning. We had a very pleasing attendance rate with nearly 92% of students back at school and very few unexplained absences, another great indicator of student's willingness to return to on site learning.

You can continue to assist the return to school process by helping your child/children to be prepared for their learning with simple strategies such as packing bags the night before, uniforms ready to go and a good night's sleep. Once routines are fully re-established students, like adults, feel better prepared and ready for whatever the day brings. If you have any concerns or questions please contact class teachers or one of the leadership team and we will do our best to address matters.

Operational approach

To promote good hygiene we are encouraging students to have personal water bottles to fill during break times as well as providing hand sanitiser in all class rooms. Toilets and high use areas are cleaned during the day as well as the normal cleaning times and soap dispensers have been installed to further support regular hand washing.

Lunch breaks will continue according to the established timetable and protocols. Lines have been placed at the tuckshop to help with distancing practices and students will continue to have separate zones for the breaks with the Year 7 and 8's in the undercover area between A and B blocks and the Year 9 and 10 students around D block. Year 11 and 12 students are predominantly located in the covered eating areas along the oval.

P&C Meeting

The next P&C Meeting is Wednesday the 27th of May at 5.00pm in the school library. This is a great forum to have input into school direction and to be informed of how things are progressing. We do need to be aware of the maximum numbers for indoor gatherings (currently 20) and would still love for parents/caregivers to come along so please contact the school if you are interested in attending.

In closing

Once again I would like to say how much your support has meant to the staff and myself as we have worked together through this period. We are very much looking forward to continuing and consolidating this strong partnership as we move into the second half of Term 2.

Last reviewed 28 May 2020
Last updated 28 May 2020