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Student leadership

Senior School Captains
Sophia Caricato                 Shiloh Bursle
Senior Vice Captains
       Sophie Saffy     Blair Shearwin

 Senior House Captains
                                           Alamein    Libby Usher  & Georgia Knight
                                           Kokoda     Abbi Gallegos & Breanna Short
                                           Tobruk      Dan Coble  & Anastasia O'Neil
Junior House Captains
                                                        Alamein  Zoe Radnedge
                                                        Kokoda    Belinda Jukes
                                                        Tobruk     Jacob O'Toole 
Junior School Captain
Joel Saffy Thando Mpofu
Student representative Council Members
What is the SRC?
Charleville State High School prides itself on the involvement of all year levels having influence in the running of the school.  Our Student Representative Council has elected leaders from all years, forming the student voice and allowing all members of the school to be heard.
There is a Junior Secondary and Senior SRC that combine to form one voice.  The Senior SRC is made up of two School captains along with, Vice Captains and a House Captain for each House.  The Junior Secondary SRC mirrors these positions with a Junior Secondary Captain, Junior Secondary Vice Captain and representatives for each house
How are leaders elected?
As part of a democratic process at Charleville State High School, students and staff elect a Student Representative Council (SRC) each year.  Students nominate for positions.  The SRC is structured across all year levels to represent all students and each house (Alamein, Kokoda and Tobruk).
What do they do?
First and foremost, the SRC are students.  Their job here is clear; be the best they can be.  Emphasis is put on each student succeeding in their chosen pathway, be this academic or vocational.  There are regular meetings where whole school issues are focused upon and the SRC organises key initiatives.
The SRC is also responsible for various fundraising events, both in and out of school.  Students will take part in community events, giving up their time and energy to participate in a wide variety of events.