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Year 11 Maths- Poolarama

In Maths A this term the Year 11 students are working on an assignment about swimming pools in Charleville. They need to design a pool that maximises the space available to them, while minimising the evaporation rate from the surface of the pool in order to cut the costs of refilling it.
In completing the assignment the students need to design four pools and calculate the volume, capacity, internal surface area, exposed surface area and exposed surface area to volume ratio for each pool. They also need to create three scale diagrams of each pool, including a top view, side elevation and 3-D view. They then need to compare all the data for each of the pools and make a recommendation to the clients about which pool them should select.
Once this has been completed they then need to calculate the costs of painting, tiling and paving the pool and surrounds. They also need to calculate the amount of evaporation the pool will experience over a year and compare this with and without a pool cover in the cooler months. Finally, they will need to calculate the cost of a rainwater tank and the costs of filling the pool with and without a tank from council mains water supply.
This is quite a large assignment that the students will need to work consistently on over the course of the term. Some significant progress has already been made by a number of students in terms of designing pools and creating the scale diagrams. It is great to see them working hard and I look forward to it continuing over the remainder of the term.