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This term in Year 7 English the topic is newspaper reports. The students are learning all about bias and how to write a biased newspaper report. In order to help the students get their head around the concept, we staged some very biased soccer matches. The participation levels were excellent and both teams were very good sports and took the biased referee calls very well. It did generate some emotions however and certainly made for some quality writing the following lesson.
Additionally to this, we are focussing largely on improving our silent reading stamina. We are currently tracking our progress, until we reach our goal of 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading. 7A and 7B have started a competition against one another in order to be the first class to reach the goal. At this stage it is anyone’s game with only 30 seconds separating the two classes, 7A just in the lead. Watch this space and may the most uninterrupted class win!
Jacinta Maritan
Yr 7 Teacher